Payment Options

Insurance Submittal

We are currently in network with Cigna and Medcost – they will cover a portion of your infusion appointment, but not all of it. Insurance coverage for ketamine infusions for mental health is not common. Some insurance companies will pay for a portion of outpatient ketamine infusion services. You should check with your insurance company representative to find out specific requirements and limitations of this coverage.

For out of network coverage, Restoring Wellness Solutions, are committed to providing “superbills” for patients. Superbills are a detailed record of the service provided to you, similar to an insurance claim form. It includes the date of service, the services provided, billing codes, procedure codes and payments received. Superbills are what patients use and submit for reimbursement when they utilize an out of network provider. Our patients can use their superbill to file a medical claim form with their private insurance provider. Our electronic medical charting software, Osmind, can help you file a claim with your insurance provider in just a few minutes. Their goal is to take the hassle out of applying for reimbursement. If your insurance company approves some level of reimbursement, they will pay you directly.

Advance Care Medical Financing

We are working to partner with Advance Care medical financing as another option.

Advance Care has been a leading provider of patient financing solutions since 2008. They work diligently to provide patients with the most affordable options to finance their procedures or treatment plans.

Their programs provide interest-free financing, affordable monthly payments, and flexible terms. All decisions, terms, and conditions for financing are between you and Advance Care, and Restoring Wellness Solutions has no input into the process or decision making.

You may apply online at home and receive an almost immediate answer.

Flexible Spending Accounts and Healthcare Savings Accounts

Mental health ketamine infusions are considered a qualified expense to obtain reimbursement from your healthcare savings account (HSA) and are often qualified for reimbursement from your flexible spending account (FSA). 

Reach out to your plan administrators to verify coverage. 

Our provided superbill should be adequate information to submit a claim for reimbursement from these accounts.

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