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Anna Plummer-Roberts,

Restoring Wellness Solutions was founded by our lead clinician Anna Plummer-Roberts, MSN, CRNA. She is a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with a specialty in providing safe and comfortable anesthesia services in the community since 2015.

As anesthesia providers in the operating and procedure room, we are experts in providing a safe and caring environment to restore our patients to their highest level of wellness.

We are proud to be the leading provider of IV ketamine therapy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At Restoring Wellness Solutions, we are on a mission to bring radical healing and rapid relief to our community and all of North Carolina.

Amy L. Main,

Amy is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner that has been practicing in the Triad for over five years. She has worked in a variety team settings to provide quality care to a variety of sick and well patients of all ages to provide holistic care. Amy enjoys bringing new options for treatment to patients that have tried numerous medications to treat their mental health and not found the relief they desire. 

Amy sees all new patients for an evaluation then provides follow up care after completion of their treatments on an ongoing basis. 

Laura Hutchins,

Laura is the lead therapist working with our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program. Laura is licensed in mental health counseling and addictions with 12+ years of clinical experience. She is certified in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, as well as psychedelic therapy and integration. Laura is a certified clinical trauma professional and trained OCD treatment provider. Laura is deeply passionate about helping those with treatment-resistant mental health symptoms find relief through creative and evidence-based approaches.

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We believe ketamine therapy is part of a comprehensive mental health plan, and we look forward to collaborating with primary mental health providers.

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