Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Restoring Wellness is excited to announce a partnership with Salem Counseling & Consulting to bring ketamine assisted psychotherapy as an additional treatment option for patients in the Triad.

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy combines the benefits of ketamine infusions and psychotherapy to enhance results and obtain longer periods of relief from mental health symptoms.

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How do these two things work together?

Individualized and tailored ketamine infusions provide rapid relief of symptoms by stimulating improvement in brain communication pathways, increasing plasticity in the brain, decreasing inflammation, and increasing high functioning brain states. These changes in the brain help disrupt rigid, maladaptive thoughts, behaviors and disturbing memories that contribute to symptoms of mental health disorders.

Appropriately timed psychotherapy sessions to address underlying emotional trauma takes advantage of the changes that ketamine infusions cause in the brain. Therapy sessions help incorporate the ketamine experience into everyday life. This can help integrate new relationship templates, new patterns of thinking and feeling, and support new behaviors and beliefs.

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Salem Counseling & Consulting

Salem Counseling & Consulting has worked with patients in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas since 2018. They offer a variety of techniques, client approaches, and multifaceted care. We can refer in-house for EMDR, trauma, disordered eating, ERP for OCD, substance use counseling, and more. They offer an objective-based approach to measure progress as well as to create and alter treatment planning to your specific needs.

Laura Hutchins MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCTP, C-KAP, C-PTI is the lead therapist working with our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program. Laura is licensed in mental health counseling and addictions with 12+ years of clinical experience. She is certified in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, as well as psychedelic therapy and integration. Laura is a certified clinical trauma professional and trained OCD treatment provider. Laura is deeply passionate about helping those with treatment-resistant mental health symptoms find relief through creative and evidence-based approaches.

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We believe ketamine therapy is part of a comprehensive mental health plan, and we look forward to collaborating with primary mental health providers.

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